EDITFX STUDIOS is a pioneer in introducing the latest technology for digital acquisition for all audio video medium such as Films, Web Series, Shorts films, Documentary etc in Eastern India. We were the first to introduce 4K cameras for film shooting and also to provide color correction services in this part of the country .We don’t stop at just 4K cameras! We’re constantly pushing the boundaries by introducing the latest lenses, accessories and grips to complement these cutting-edge cameras.

Here is a groundbreaking addition to our services - the 4K HDR DOLBY SUITE. We have embraced this unparalleled audio-visual technology. Being the first Dolby Vision Certified Facility in the eastern India, is a testament to our commitment to innovation

With EDITFX STUDIOS, you can be rest assured that you are always at the forefront of the technological advancement in the world of digital production. Explore our service today and experience the future of media creation.


Introducing our film and TV camera and lens rental services. Get ready to bring your cinematic vision to life with our comprehensive selection of industry-standard equipment. From cameras to lenses, we've got you covered. Whether you're shooting a feature film, TV series, or commercial project, our rental options cater to every production's needs.

With flexible terms, competitive pricing, and top-notch customer support, we're here to make your filming experience seamless and successful. Whether you want an ARRI, a RED camera or SONY, from full frame lenses to Super 35 lenses we have everything in our inventory.


Editfx Studios is proud to offer the latest in color grading technology with the introduction of Baselight Color Correction setups from Filmlight. These innovative Color Correction suites are fitted with Barco projectors to provide 100% accurate results. The Baselight suite is a powerful, integrated suite of tools and features designed to help filmmakers and video editors to quickly and effectively produce the perfect look for their projects. The suite comes with a range of features such as high dynamic range grading, secondary color correction, advanced tracking, and the ability to create custom looks.

The suite also includes a comprehensive library of looks and grades, enabling users to get the most out of their footage. With the Barco projector, users are able to benefit from accurate color reproduction, ensuring that the results are as close to the original shot as possible. The Baselight suite provides the ultimate in color grading capabilities and is ideal for filmmakers and video editors who need to produce the highest quality results.


Editfx Studios is proud to announce the introduction of our new color correction suit for 4K HDR grading in Dolby Vision. We are the only post production studio in Eastern India to offer this advanced facility and our team of inhouse Dolby Certified Colorists and Engineers are ready to bring your project to life. Our color correction suit is the perfect tool for creating stunning visuals and transforming the look and feel of your project.

With our Dolby Vision HDR grading capabilities, we can bring out the best in your 4K content and create a visually stunning experience for your audience. Our team of experts is ready to work with you to ensure that your project looks and sounds its best. With our color correction suite and Dolby Vision HDR grading capabilities, you can rest assured that your project will be taken to the next level of excellence.


Our Audio 5.1 final mix setup is designed to deliver a world-class listening experience. The setup is powered by the best in digital audio technology, with Genelec digital audio speakers and subwoofer, Avid S6 Console, and Avid Pro Tools software. All components are carefully calibrated to provide optimal sound quality and clarity. With this setup, you can expect an immersive surround sound experience that allows for precise sound-mixing and mastering.

The Avid S6 Console provides intuitive control over all aspects of the mix, while the Avid Pro Tools software provides powerful tools to make sure all levels are balanced and optimized. The Genelec digital audio speakers and subwoofer ensure a rich and dynamic sound, while providing superior sonic accuracy. This combination of professional-grade components provides a truly exceptional audio experience.



Editfx STUDIOS is a pioneer in introducing the latest technology for digital acquisition for all audio video medium such as Films, Web Series, Shorts films, Documentary etc in Eastern India. Recently for the film SARDAR UDHAM, starring Vicky Kaushal, we received the prestigious IIFA 2022 and Filmfare 2022 awards.