Editfx Studios is proud to offer the latest in color grading technology with the introduction of Baselight Color Correction setups from Filmlight. These innovative Color Correction suites are fitted with Barco projectors to provide 100% accurate results. The Baselight suite is a powerful, integrated suite of tools and features designed to help filmmakers and video editors to quickly and effectively produce the perfect look for their projects. The suite comes with a range of features such as high dynamic range grading, secondary color correction, advanced tracking, and the ability to create custom looks.

The suite also includes a comprehensive library of looks and grades, enabling users to get the most out of their footage. With the Barco projector, users are able to benefit from accurate color reproduction, ensuring that the results are as close to the original shot as possible. The Baselight suite provides the ultimate in color grading capabilities and is ideal for filmmakers and video editors who need to produce the highest quality results.

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