The “Digital Cinema Package” is a digital projection format that has replaced 35mm film in cinemas. DCP format ensures that quality and compatibility remain constant from one theatre to the next.


The picture quality of your film is best experienced in blu-ray format after DVD format. Here at EDITFX STUDIOS we are well-equipped with the best technology for Blu-Ray and DVD Mastering & Authoring. It’s where DVD mastering is done with precision and quality is guaranteed to deliver an expanded colour range closer to that of the original source material.


One of the key benefits of IMF is that it allows for the creation of multiple versions of the same content. This flexibility and versatility allows the filmmakers to distribute content across multiple platforms, regions, and languages. It ensures that it reaches their audiences in the best possible quality.


The key to using OTT compression in an enhancive way is only using a tiny bit. For creating fatter sounds or for times when you want more texture or fullness, a dash of OTT is a great idea. That can also be useful in some situations. You might have a sound you want to push to the edge – maybe a vocal chop that comes in at random times or an atmospheric element that you side chain to your kick.

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